Public Housing

The Stratford Housing Authority owns and manages 514 Federal and State apartment units. The Federal Program contains 301 apartments (101 family and 200 elderly) and the State Program contains 213 apartments (100 family and 113 elderly). These units can be viewed in the Housing Gallery section of this website.

Although the Federal and State units are regulated under different programs, they are very similar in income eligibility, regulations, policies and lease requirements.

Waiting List

Wait list openings and closings for this program will be listed in the Current Events section of this website, advertised in local papers and posted to the United Way of Connecticut website at

This information is also available by calling our project management team directly. Please access the Contact Us link for their telephone number/extension.

Income Limits - FY 2024

New participants' total annual household income is to be at or below the following amounts in order to begin to receive rental assistance:

Family Size 1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 5 People 6 People 7 People 8 People
80% Low Income $65,600 $75,000 $84,350 $93,700 $101,200 $108,700 $116,200 $123,700

Rent Stratification is the methodology used in our State properties and structures base rents to maximize rental revenue. It allows for variable rents by income level according to the Area Median Income while continuing to provide affordable housing to all eligible income levels. Since there are no operating subsidies built into these programs, rent stratification is vital to the sustainability of these properties.

The Authority strives to maintain its apartments so that they are aesthetically pleasing while providing a decent, safe and secure living environment. To this end, the Authority has an ongoing modernization program to enhance the physical structures, carefully screens applicants to ensure a quality resident population, and adheres to strict lease enforcement.